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We offer learn to swim programs and a full fledged Sports Fitness center in the capital region and in NYC –  Long Island region we offer our sought offer learn to swim program. Select the location closest to you for further details of what each region can offer you and your family. We look forward to seeing in you.

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Capital Region

Providing the capital and surrounding areas, with a full-fledged Sports Complex. Whether you want to work out, play sports or do some laps in our pool. We have you covered and look forward to seeing you and your family.


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NYC - Long Island

Serving NYC, Queens, Douglaston, Flushing, Richmond Hill, Brooklyn, Long Island and surrounding areas with our sought after aquatics programs.  Enter our facilities in order to know more about what we offer in the NYC-Long Island regions. We look forwards to seeing you soon.


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Gateway Sports & Pools Inc. is a nonprofit organization that believes in creating and nurturing, stable and culturally diverse family enviroment where our youth can reach their full potential.