Brooklyn, NY

Block Institute

376 Bay 44th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11214

Mon-Fri (4:30pm-8:30pm)

Sat-Sun (9:00am-6:00pm)

Registration Over the Phone: ( Happening now!)

On-site Registration: (Call us today!)

Winter 2

Monday (January 6th – March 9th) 

Tuesday (January 7th – February 25th)

Wednesday (January 15th – March 4th )

Thursday (January 2nd – February 20th)

Friday (January 3rd – February 21st)

Saturday (December 28th – February 15th)

Sunday (December 29th – February  16th)



Learn to Swim

Monday (8 classes=$224)

Tuesday (8 classes=$224)

Wednesday (8 classes=$224)

Thursday (8 classes=$224)

Friday (8 classes=$256)

Saturday (8 classes=$256)

Sunday (8 classes=$256) 


*Each class is 55 minutes long*

Public Transit: D train – Bay 50th Street 

Terminal with a 15 minute walk. X28 bus 

and X28 bus and B82 bus on Cropsey Ave 

with a 6 minute walk.

Once at the front entrance, ring the bell 

to the left and the front desk person will

buzz open the door and guide you through 

the doors to the pool.

Parking: The location is accessible only 

going eastbound on the Shore Parkway. 

Once on Shore Parkway turn right at Bay 

44th Street. Parking is available along 

the road  and in parking spots. When 

parking in the  spots, all vehicles must be 

parked back-in or they will be towed away.

This location has 🏊‍♀️🏀⚽🎾