Frequently Asked Questions

Beginner One & two – 6 students
Levels two -four- 7 students
Levels five –six – 8 students
Level seven – 9 students
• We allow one additional student as a makeup swimmer.

Students must be four years old to participate in our swimming class. We offer adult class for beginner swimmers aged 13 and up.

New students are encouraged to visit one of our locations to be evaluated and assigned a level by one of our instructors. Students who are enrolled in current sessions are evaluated throughout the session to see if they’re ready to move up to the next level by the end of the course.

Yes, while we do not regulate the temperature of our pools – all our pools are indoors and heated. Our pools range between 72-85 degrees. Temperature can vary based on location, size of pool, etc.

We understand sometimes a child may be scared the first few times – we encourage our parents to coach their child though the weeks leading up to swimming by reminding them about their upcoming class, showing them videos of other kids swimming, playtime at bath time etc.
We are happy to work with you to find another class for your child within the session. This can be a different class time with a different instructor, a different location or sport all together. We will not issue a refund or credit if your child does not wish to participate in the class.

Cancellations must be in writing 7 days before the first day of class to receive a full refund excluding any membership fees. After this period, all cancellations are subject to a refund of 50% of the remaining classes in the session excluding any registration fees. Credits will only be approved if the participant is suffering from a medical condition. A doctor’s note is required. No requests will be honored after the session has ended. All requests must be made through the office.

Each student is allowed one makeup class each session. Makeup classes must be made up before the session ends. We cannot bring missed classes to a new session. We cannot schedule makeup lessons on evaluation day, or the first day of class. Students who miss more than one class due to illness can submit a doctor’s note to receive a second makeup class. Students who miss more than one class without being medically excused cannot schedule a second makeup class. If you schedule a makeup class due to the location being closed due to weather conditions, pool contamination, pool maintainence etc. this will not count as your one allotted makeup class allowed per session.
Students who miss a swimming class can schedule a makeup by calling our office between 9AM-5:30PM Mon-Thur and 9AM -3PM on Fridays. Makeup lessons for Block Institute must be made before 3PM on weekdays.

We can issue a class credit for students who medically cannot participate in class and need to cancel. We will need a doctor’s note excusing the student from class, and we can issue a credit for the remaining classes. This credit will be valid for six months from the time the class was missed. Class credits can be used for any sport, or program Gateway offers, and can be used at different locations. Class credits are allowed to be transferred to registered siblings. Credits are not applicable on new member registration fees, or swim caps and goggles.

Our swimming classes are between 50-55 minutes long. Duration varies based on location. Our classes usually meet once a week for one hour. However Douglaston ICC and Hillcrest JC offers swimming twice a week on weekdays during July-August. Please see schedules.

Sessions vary between five to ten sessions. Our schedules are based around the locations availability – holidays, administrative functions held at the sites may affect the schedule. Each session is tailored to make sure the students get the most impactful training. Students are evaluated throughout the course to determine if they’re ready to move up to the next level.

Great – We are happy to hear your child has completed our program. Level seven is called intro to swim team. We have many swimmers who continue taking level 7 for increased stamina, speed, and fine tuning the four competitive strokes, basic diving, and flip turns. We also have a swim team based in FACE.

A very popular question – We do not have a timetable for when a child learns to swim. Each session you will see a definite improvement on their skills regardless if they move up to the next level or not. Each student is different. Our classes are geared toward competitive swimming, we teach the students breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly and freestyle. The four strokes are taught through eight different levels – Beginner 1 Beginner 2, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5, Level 6 & Level 7. That being said our beginner one and beginner two courses teach the child how to get comfortable in the water, breathing in and out of the water, kicking on their backs and fronts using a kickboard. Level 2 students are beginning to learn freestyle and backstroke without the kickboard. By level three we are introducing breast, level four introducing butterfly, Level five refining butterfly and breast, Six – introducing flip turns, standing dives, Seven – intro to swim team.

Class price varies based on location, class type and amount of classes in a session. Please see price sheet/schedule for individual pricing.

Students need swimming cap, goggles, and a bathing suit. Life jackets are not permitted.
We sell swim cap and goggles at each location.

Our programs are year round, we offer class in the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

Our swimming classes are led by qualified instructors. All our instructors are excellent swimmers and work well with kids, They must co teach for at least one session before they are assigned their own classes. All sessions are watched by a Red Cross Certified lifeguard and a CPR certified site manager. All coaches and staff undergo background and reference checks.

We offer $10 family discounts, and $10 multiple program discounts. Students must enroll for all dates in session to receive any discount, discount applied at the time of registration.