About Gateway's Learn to Swim Program

Since 2003, parents have registered their children in our year-round Learn to Swim program because they have trusted Gateway Sports & Pools to provide enjoyable and affordable swimming lessons to guide their children on the journey from being an anxious beginner to an athlete with a passion for the sport. Our swimming lessons are provided in a supportive setting aimed at boosting confidence, instilling a growth mindset and encouraging success. Come swim with us !

Gateway Sports and Pools’ swimming classes go far beyond introducing youth and adults to water safety and the basics of swimming. Gateway’s Learn to Swim Program combines lessons and techniques from USA Swimming and other Olympic swimming programs in a fun, family – friendly setting. Whether the student is an adult or six years old, Gateway’s trained instructors teach the strategies that great competitive swimmers use. From beginner through our Level 7 graduates, our swimming curriculum combines fun and hands on instruction designed to promote the love of the sport.

The love of swimming leads many to join our regional powerhouse swim team; the Gatewaves. Youth from 8-18 compete at USA Swimming sanctioned meets and, in the process, learn how fun, effort, and team-work are the recipe for success throughout life.

Over 10,000 youth and adults have learned to swim the Gateway way. Register today and discover how our family-friendly swimming lessons can make competition fun!

Learn to Swim Levels

Beginner 1

At the beginning stages of learning to swim, all participants must learn the basics of kicking, proper breathing, essentials of stroke development, and most importantly being comfortable in the water.

Beginner 2

This level is an extension of B1 and will continue to reinforce basic beginner skills and comfortability in the water. The purpose of this is to properly prepare the participant to learn the basic strokes of swimming.

Level 2

During this level, swimmers will begin to learn the basic drills for the front crawl and backstroke, while completing these drills with and without the assistance of a kickboard.

Level 3

During this level, workout distances will be increased while swimmers learn more advanced front crawl and backstroke drills. At the end of this level, swimmers will successfully know the proper technique to complete the front crawl and backstroke.

Level 4

In this level, swimmers will be finalizing their knowledge in front crawl and backstroke. while learning the fundamentals and early stages of stroke development.

Level 5

This level introduces the butterfly stroke technique and development, while also incorporating all other strokes into their workouts.

Level 6

During this level, participants will continue to develop their butterfly stroke development, while maintaining correct technique with earlier strokes. Flip turns and dives off the racing block will also be implemented.

Level 7

In this level, participants will have known all four racing strokes, and will finalize all teachings in proper technique, starts, and proper stroke turns, including the flip turn.

Learn to Swim Classes

*Please call the office to register for private lessons*